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Bringing healing through Psychotherapuetic, Energetic & Intuitive Methods

Reiki - Energetic Healing - Counseling - Group Therapy

Light Minded Therapy

  Thank you for visiting my website! I truly appreciate your interest. My name is Erin Hansen Meehan  and I am a psychotherapist, Reiki practitioner and energetic healer located in Avon & Hazlet NJ. I am Light Minded Therapy and provide holistic healing services in the form of counseling, energetic healing and group therapy. I create a safe and peaceful environment in which I use an integrative approach specific to individual need and comfort. By using intuitive, energetic, and mind body techniques in each therapy session and divine energy in each energy healing session, a deep level of wellness is achieved that often cannot be found through traditional talk therapy.  I believe everyone has the ability to heal themselves with the right supportive environment and would love to guide you through your journey to wellness.  Please contact me with any of your questions this website has not answered. I look forward to connecting with you!  

Reiki - Energetic Healing

As a reiki practioner I offer two forms of energetic healing: 

Traditional Reiki and Divine Energy Healing. 

Reiki is a holistic form of energy healing that activates the body's subtle energy systems to restore balance, wellness and accelerate healing in the body, mind, and soul. This is done by harnessing universal life force energy and directing it to the client. It is a non-invasive technique where the practitioner places hands lightly on or above the body for stress reduction, relaxation and healing. This healing can also be sent to the person despite physical proximity. Reiki is recognized as a complementary and alternative medicine by the National Institute for Health (NIH).

Divine Energy Healing is a stronger form of reiki which involves connecting with one’s soul, and Divine spirit in order to direct healing at the source of one’s ailments. Each healing is different just as each person is different and the universe along with the guidance and permission of your higher self will provide the healing and information that is needed for you. I will share the images and messages that I receive during the healing session.

Who & What are these services for?

  • Counseling and/or Energetic Healing is for: 
    • Children, adolescents, teens, adults, families
    • Acceleration of physical healing
      • Pain Relief
      • Aid in recovery of injury, illness or surgery
      • Recurrent physical issues
      • Digestive challanges
      • Migraines & headaches
      • Diseases
    • Emotional Wellness
      • Anxiety Relief
      • Emotional Regulation
      • Depression
      • Stress Reduction
      • Mental Clarity
      • Trauma/PTSD
      • Grief & Loss
      • Addiction
    • Behavioral Needs
      • excess or low level energy
      • Inability to Focus
      • Personal Awareness
    • Release of stagnant/blocked energies
    • Shift in outlook on current life situations

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