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Bringing healing through Psychotherapuetic, Energetic & Intuitive Methods

About Me

Erin Hansen-Meehan, MA LPC


Thank you for showing interest in me and my services! I greatly appreciate your interest.

As a professional counselor, reiki practitioner and energetic healer I create a safe and peaceful environment in which I use an integrative and holistic approach to therapy. By using intuitive, energetic, and mind body techniques in each therapy session, a deep level of healing is achieved that often cannot be found through traditional talk therapy. When a person is ready to begin their healing process it must be met with patience and understanding.  With a certification in the Johrei (White Light) tradition of Reiki and 19 years working in the mental health field, I bring my personal and professional experience into each therapeutic and healing session. I believe everyone has the ability to heal themselves with the right supportive environment and would love to guide you through your journey to wellness.

As a counselor I have spent many years working with children and families with trauma, special needs, behavioral & emotional challenges and addictions. I started my career working with children with learning disabilities, behavioral challenges, and autism spectrum diagnoses. I moved onto working in an intensive outpatient program for teens struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. From there I entered the children’s system of care as a case worker, then supervisor, and lastly, program manager. Throughout my work in the children's system of care I developed an intimate knowledge of inpatient, residential, and group home levels of care. I also worked hand in hand with the division of child protection services and the juvenile justice system as well as traditional and non traditional school settings. During and after my work in the children’s system of care I ran multiple therapeutic groups for children ages 5 to 20. These groups focused on a variety of social and emotional topics to aid children in self acceptance and understanding their social and personal environment.  It is through these experiences that I received a deep understanding of the immediate and long term effects of stress, grief, and trauma on the mind, body, and soul. I also deeply understood the need to go beyond the conscious mind to restore emotional wellness.

I am licensed in the state of NJ as a professional counselor, Masters degree in clinical counseling psychology, trained in Sensorimotor psychotherapy for trauma level 1. I am a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and  member of the American Counseling Association. I hold a holistic view of healing the mind, body, and soul in order to achieve optimal emotional and physical wellness. As needed I use a combination of alternative and traditional therapeutic techniques. This includes cognitive behavioral therapy, family systems approach, psychoeducation, mindfulness based stress reduction, meditation, guided imagery, intuitive therapy and energy psychology. I am trained in Johrei (white light) tradition of reiki, Level 4 - Master/Teacher. This allows me to treat the whole self on an energetic level. Those seeking wellness outside of the counseling environment can achieve this through an energetic healing session. For more information on energetic healing please click here