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Bringing healing through Psychotherapuetic, Energetic & Intuitive Methods


How is Reiki and Divine Energy Healing performed?

The practitioner becomes a channel for life force energy which then is given to you the client through the movement of hands above the body or a gentle touch while you sit in a chair or lay on a massage table fully clothed. The lights are dimmed and soft music is played to create a relaxing environment. The energy provides healing in any area of the physical, emotional or energetic body that is in need of restoration. This healing can also be sent to a person regardless of physical proximity to the practitioner.  Reiki is for all ages.How is distance healing completed:A distance healing session can be completed via Skype, telephone, or emailed recordings. With Skype, we schedule a time and connect with one another. At that time I will ask you to find a quiet and comfortable place in your home or place you will be residing during the healing where you can either sit or lay. I will then commence the healing.A distance healing can also be done over the phone. If completing a Divine Energy Healing I will keep the phone line connected and talk to you throughout the session as needed. Emailed recordings are available for those that seek healing but are unable to be present for it. I record the intuitive information received while I complete the distance healing at a time of your choosing. Once completed I email this to you to listen to at your convenience.  If completing a traditional Reiki session I will call or text to inform when the session will begin after we have chosen a set time. Then I will call or text when the session is completed. 

What is the difference between Reiki and Divine Energy Healing?

 Traditional Reiki is typically quiet while the practitioner places healing hands on or above different areas of the body. The practitioner moves from one area of the body to the next balancing the bodies energetic systems. This form of healing is very effective in providing symptom relief, peace, and relaxation. Divine energy healing is an upgraded version where I am directed on where to place my hands by the energy and Divine spirit. The energies received are more powerful and have faster ability to provide healing on many levels. Along with the increased healing energies, I connect with your soul and am given specific information about life situations that require healing or may bring healing to you. Often Divine spirits themselves join the process providing healing which may give a sensation of love, deep inner peace, and levity. Lastly, at times a loved one who has transitioned from this world will be present to provide additional healing, a message, or to inform you they are still present in your life. How to book a session:Email or call me to set up a session. or 732-654-2037 Currently sessions are being offered at 9 Village Court, Hazlet NJ 440 Main St, Avon NJ and  via Skype or distance healing. This website will be updated as locations and times available increase.  Please Click below for more information on Services. 


What to expect during and after session:

 During a healing session people report a sense of peace and calm. They may feel physical sensation in the body such as warmth, tingling, vibrations, tension release and/or a sense of lightness and expansion. You may also experience release of tears or actually crying. Such as each person is different each person will have a different experience. The only shifts in energy that take place are those you allow as you are in charge of your mind, body and soul. Bringing an openness to receive healing will aid in obtaining the most out of your session.
In addition to the description above, Divine energy healing will include soft talking during the session as needed and an increase in healing energies. This can include descriptions of the energies being received and released, details of past or current life situations, and healing and messages from Divine spirits or loved ones.After a session  you may notice a decrease in physical or emotional symptoms, and a positive shift in perspective. As with any type of healing your body and mind need time to adjust to the changes taking place so be kind and patient with oneself.